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Paperless Redlines
Tip# 3449 By Barry Ferguson On 21-Jun-2010
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Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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With Trueview and Design Review, non-CAD users can digitally markup drawings.

Barry Ferguson talks to us about Autodesk's Design Review software and using it to digitally mark up drawings.

"Train your non-CAD people with Autodesk's Design Review so they can redline your DWF files! If they receive a pure DWG file instead of a DWF, they can't open that file with Design Review, unless they have Autodesk's Trueview installed. Once Trueview is installed, Design Review does it all. It allows redlining, measuring, symbol insertion, and more. Now your non-CAD staff members will be truly empowered, yet controlled." The free download of Autodesk Design Review is available on the Autodesk web site.

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Autodesk's Design Review program is one of the best free tools that Autodesk produces, yet it's not widely known. It works ideally with DWF files made from AutoCAD DWG files. It can open a DWG file, but it has to convert it and will take everything in the drawing tab and put it in the DWF file, so you are better off making the DWF yourself. DWF files can be made from AutoCAD or through Autodesk True View (another great free tool for viewing files). Design Review can mark up the drawings, and AutoCAD can import the DWF markups and overlay the redlines in your drawing! Once the changes are made, note each markup as complete, or note a question. Resave the DWF (all from within AutoCAD) and send the revised DWF file to the person who checked the drawing in the first place. DWF markups help CAD users to communicate better, and they document the checking process.


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