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Cross Part Geometry Projection
Tip# 4429 By David Gaskill On 23-Feb-2015
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Categories : Manipulation
Software type : Inventor
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Here's a way to project geometry in Inventor and not have it be adaptive.

When creating a new part in an assembly, have you ever wanted to project geometry and not have it be adaptive? Here is a quick way to project geometry and have it be independent of the part it was projected from.

Open an assembly and create a new part based in the face of an existing part.

Use project geometry to project the edges of the part you selected as the sketch plane.

Then, while picking the desired edges, hold down the Ctrl key.

What you should notice is the projected geometry is black (adaptive geometry would be pink) and grounded.

Should you want to modify the geometry, unlock the contraints by deleting them, then modify and constrain as needed.
You can also turn off the adaptive projection feature in the Options dialog box, Assembly tab by unchecking Cross part geometry projection. If you change this setting and want adaptive geometry, you can hold down the Ctrl key and override this setting; it’s a two-way street.

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