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Sync Your Personal AutoCAD Settings from Anywhere
Tip# 3964 By Danny Korem On 27-Aug-2012
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Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Use your Autodesk 360 account to sync settings via the cloud.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem points out a new feature added to AutoCAD 2013 that allows users to sync their settings to any machine running AutoCAD 2013 via the cloud.

"AutoCAD 2013 has a new Online tab in the ribbon. The options settings there will let you synchronize your personal settings in AutoCAD from any workstation with Internet access. AutoCAD has always been very sensitive to its very specific environment — but it seems that era is over. When approaching a CAD workstation, log into your Autodesk 360 account (at the upper-right corner of the screen), identify yourself by your user name and password, and that's it! Besides saving your work to your account in the cloud via Autodesk 360, you can save your specific settings at the same place and change both the looks and contents of AutoCAD."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
This is one of my favorite new features in AutoCAD 2013. If you ever customize your settings in AutoCAD, then you will want to take advantage of this feature. Create an Autodesk 360 account; it's free and you get 3 GB of cloud storage, too. Log on to Autodesk 360 from within AutoCAD 2013. Make your changes to the CUI (Customize User Interface), workspace, etc. Once you have signed into your Autodesk 360 account, a window will open asking if you want to sync your settings; this is also where you can choose which settings to sync.


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