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Useful System Settings
Tip# 3670 By Robert Zipprich On 20-Jun-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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These system variables can affect the way you work in AutoCAD.

Tipster Bob Zipprich shares a few AutoCAD system settings that you might need to know about.

"Here are a few variables I've recently become acquainted with:

  • ACADLSPASDOC: Controls whether the ACAD.LSP file is loaded into every drawing or just the first drawing opened in a session.
  • ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX: Stores the full path to the root folder where roamable customizable files were installed.
  • LAYERDLGMODE: Sets the flavor of the Layer Properties Manager that is defined for the use of the Layer command."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: These three AutoCAD system variables have the ability to affect the way you work in AutoCAD. It's all a matter of preference and need.

The ACADLSPASDOC setting will tell AutoCAD to load the ACAD.LSP file on startup or whenever a file is loaded. What's the difference? ACAD.LSP is a file that is easily customized by the user; just open it in Notepad and add settings to it. It is a great way to make sure AutoCAD starts with its settings the way you want them; however, it only runs when AutoCAD is first turned on. If you want these settings to run every time you open a file, then tell AutoCAD to run it every time you open a file. ACAD.LSP is run when AutoCAD is started, but ACADDOC.LSP is run when AutoCAD opens a file. If you need different settings, use these two files accordingly. If you only want one set of settings, then use one file.

For the ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX setting: If you are working on a network that supports roaming, when you customize the files in your roaming profile they are available to you regardless of which machine you are currently using. This is very nice if you work at multiple locations and the company networks are available regardless of location. Just log on to your company's network, load your profile, and your AutoCAD folders/files will become available. These files are stored in the Product folder under the Application Data folder; for example, "C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication Dataproductnameversionlanguage."

LAYERDLGMODE sets the flavor of the Layer Properties Manager that is defined for the use of the Layer command. The Layer command is mapped to execute either the CLASSICLAYER or LAYERPALETTE. There are two setting options: 0 (zero) to map the Layer command to use the model Layer Properties Manager, or 1 (one) to use the modeless Layer Properties Manager.


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