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Load Script Files into Multiple AutoCAD Files
Tip# 3360 By Kevin Graham On 08-Mar-2010
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Categories : Load Applications
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Run a script on single or multiple AutoCAD drawings.

Kevin Graham needed to load script files into AutoCAD, so he discovered a quick way to run a script on single or multiple AutoCAD drawings.

"I discovered this when I was trying to run Autodesk ScriptPro and for some reason, the program kept giving me an error message when trying to launch AutoCAD. Oddly enough, AutoCAD would launch without a problem when I used the desktop shortcut. I didn’t want to type 'script' on the command prompt and then browse to select the script file for each drawing, so I tried dragging the script file directly into the AutoCAD window — and to my surprise, it worked!

"Simply locate the script file you want to use in Windows Explorer, then drag and drop it directly into the AutoCAD drawing window. The script will run, and you’re done! For multiple drawings, just open all the drawings you need, then select the Window pull-down menu, select your tile preference (cascade, horizontally, vertically), and then drag and drop the script into each of the drawing windows. This tip is really helpful if you have limited knowledge of (or no access to) programs that process batches of DWG files using the same script file."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
What's great about this tip is that it applies to almost any file type you need to load into AutoCAD: Drag and drop a TXT file to insert notes. Drag and drop another DWG file to insert it like a block. Do the same with an image, or with a LISP routine. Try it out!


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