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TSP Problem
Tip# 1856 By Sudhir Ogale On 01-Feb-2003
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Categories : Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1856: TSP.LSP
tsp.lsp. Routine solves the traveling salesperson problem--the person starts out, visits all points (with no overlap), and returns to the start point.

Tip #1856 [TSP.LSP]
This is not really a tip, but something to play with during lunch hour or on a rainy day. The TSP (Traveling Salesperson Problem) is as follows. A salesperson has to start from a starting point, visit all places, and return to the same starting point. While moving along the points, there should not be any cross-overlap. The term TSP is used for GIS projects that must deal with this type of problem. See the top of TSP.LSP file for instructions. Lispers should enjoy dissecting the code.



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