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Spline to Polyline Conversion
Tip# 2039 By Lloyd Beachy On 01-Jun-2005
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 1011
Categories : 2D Editing, Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2039: Spline2Pline.lsp
Change AutoCAD spline objects into lightweight polylines

Spline to Polyline Conversion
The last tip of the month is another specialty tool that not everyone needs, but when you do, it saves a lot of time. Lloyd Beachy provides Spline to Polyline Conversion (Tip #2039) to change AutoCAD spline objects into lightweight polylines. This conversion facilitates the transfer of continuous spline objects into other applications that do not support that kind of object. If you are using additional analysis, design or post-processing software in conjunction with AutoCAD, you may have transferred data that cannot be processed. The Spline to Polyline utility solves one of the conversion issues. Harry wonders what other tips might be lurking around to solve this type of problem. By the way, this function set is an excellent example of how Visual LISP and objects open the door for many solutions. Just load the LSP file into AutoCAD and type S2P at the command line to activate. Select the spline objects you want converted, and then specify the number of segments in which to break the object. The result is a lightweight polyline where the spline used to be. Thanks for the tip, Lloyd!



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