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Quick Snap Angle Setting
Tip# 2025 By William Barlow On 01-Apr-2005
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Categories : Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2025: qs.lsp
Reset the snap angle to the selected slope

Quick Snap Angle Setting
Another example of an expert interface is Quick Snap Angle Setting (Tip #2025) by Bill Barlow. This utility involves a dialog box along with a Visual LISP program module, named QS.DCL and QS.LSP, respectively. Place the DCL file in a directory where AutoCAD can find it and load the LSP file. Then type QS at the Command prompt. A dialog box full of radio buttons will appear that will allow you to select the desired slope up or down. Specify one of the slopes and click OK to have the snap angle reset to the selected slope. Slopes are represented as ratios in the dialog box (figure 1). A slope of 4/12 means that the y-axis value changes 4 units for every 12 changed along the x-axis.



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