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Offset Command with Running Options
Tip# 3897 By Kent Cooper On 18-May-2012
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Categories : 2D Operations, Curved Objects, Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : OffsetRunningOptions.lsp,__MACOSX/,__MACOSX/._OffsetRunningOptions.lsp
Change the offset distance without leaving the command.

In this tip, Kent Cooper adds some features to a classic tip from 2003: Cadalyst CAD Tip No. 1864. The original tip was an improvement on the AutoCAD Offset command that included an Undo and allowed you to change offset distances without leaving the command. An Undo option has since been added to the built-in Offset command, but you still have to exit the command and start it again to change the offset distance. Kent's version allows for changing the offset distance without leaving the command, and also restores changed system variables and includes an error handler. By default, when you load the LISP file, it will undefine the built-in Offset command and install itself as the new Offset command. This means the standard shortcut (O) will run this command. Unfortunately, this routine does not provide access to the Layer or Erase options of the built-in Offset command (although it does honor their current settings). If you require these, or do not want to overwrite the built-in Offset command for any other reason, instructions for disabling this are included in the well-documented code.


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