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Dynamically Break Crossing Lines
Tip# 4229 By Azfar Mahmood On 20-Dec-2013
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Categories : Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
Rename File To : Wirbrk/,Wirbrk/wirbrk.lsp,Wirbrk/wirbrk_test.dwg
Break crossing lines on P&ID process flow diagrams in a dynamic mode.

Tip author Azfar Mahmood updated a tip published in 2001. The original tip, No. 1719, is described as "Breaks crossing lines on P&ID process flow diagrams at a distance you specify." The improved version does the same thing, except in a dynamic mode. Start by loading the LISP routine, then run the command WIRBRK. Specify whether you want horizontal or vertical breaks, and specify a break distance. Now it's time for the dynamic part: As you move the cursor near the intersection of two lines, the appropriate line is broken and the gap is filled in with a jump block. Press Enter to stop. Azfar has included a sample drawing with this routine also. If you run this routine in your own drawing(s), you will need to first create a block named JUMP, or use the one included in the sample drawing.


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