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Draw Lines by Bearing
Tip# 3470 By Ron Adams On 10-Aug-2010
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 1166
Categories : Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : DC.LSP
Draw lines in AutoCAD by bearing and distance.

If you work in civil engineering or surveying, you might already have tools to perform this task. But for many others, drawing lines by bearing and distance in AutoCAD can be frustrating, especially if you don't remember the correct syntax for entering polar coordinates. Ron Adams has built a simple routine that allows you to enter a bearing and distance one part at a time; the routine then builds the correct input for AutoCAD to draw the line. To get started, load the LISP file and enter DC at the Command prompt. Enter the bearing by direction, degrees, minutes, and seconds, and finally the distance, as prompted. Finally, pick a start point, and the line is drawn for you. Thanks, Ron.


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Comment by brown,Jennifer
Posted on 2010-08-17 08:27:36
If you are copying a survey map into cad, you can input the degrees exactly the way they are on the map, just change the degree symbol to the letter d. For example: 455.25,<N33d15'45"W