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Deal with Those Pesky Pipe Stations
Tip# 4266 By James Olszewski On 03-Mar-2014
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Categories : Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD Civil 3D
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Civil 3D can be customized in many ways; here are a couple tricks for doing that.

Tipster James J. Olszewski offers some Civil 3D tips for managing special requests in piping designs:

I have been doing a lot more Civil 3D design piping lately and have continually received requests such as, Make the profile line extend beyond the last structure, showing a grid before the starting point but not showing a station; Don't show the 0+00 station label in the plan view; and Don't show the stationing past the end structure in the plan view.

It can become a real headache. In a pinch, I have used a wipeout to do the dirty work. Now, after having done some research, I have come up with a pair of solutions.

For eliminating any given individual label in the plan view: While holding down the Control key, select the specific station label, release (only that station label will then be highlighted), then press your keyboard’s Delete key and the label will disappear.

The ability to eliminate any given station along the bottom of the profile view takes some initial preparation in creating it. Instead of using station labels for the station (shut their display off), create a band label group to go along the bottom. This can be set up under profile view properties under the bands tab. Once created, it can also be imported.

Then, instead of showing the standard stationing along the bottom, what will actually be displayed is the band labels. To eliminate the display of a particular station such as -20, hold down the Control key and select the specific station from the band labels and release; then press the keyboard’s Delete button and the station will disappear.

This takes some setup, but then, just as with various styles that are set up, it can be reused.       

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Civil 3D can be customized in many, many ways. Although the cost of this flexibility is increased complexity, there are many little tricks that many people are not aware of. These tips from Jim tell us how to get around certain issues.


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