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Create Polyline Steel Decking
Tip# 3781 By Jay Thomas On 16-Nov-2011
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 848
Categories : 2D Operations, Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : S-Deck.dcl,S-Deck.lsp,S-Deck.slb
The end result can be extruded or swept along a path.

This is a very nice AutoCAD routine from Jay Thomas that allows you to draw various types of 2D sheet-metal decking in the form of a polyline. Since this routine contains DCL (dialog box) and SLB (slide library) files, make sure all files are located in a location that's included in your support file search path. Start by loading the LISP file, then run the command SDK. A dialog will appear with a multitude of settings. There are eight different decking types to choose from, and each of these has editable parameters. These parameters are easy to understand thanks to the graphical display in the dialog. If you are working in 3D, the resulting polyline can easily be extruded or swept along a path. Great job, Jay.


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Comment by Hill,Clinton
Posted on 2012-01-26 07:29:53
Hello Jay, You have my sincere thanks for both developing and making this routine freely available. The parameters and preview window as well as the ability to use this as a base for 3D extrusions are the cherry on top! Clint Hill