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Label Station and Elevation
Tip# 3563 By Bijoy Manoharan On 15-Jan-2011
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Categories : Multiline Text, Leaders
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : Sta-Elev/,Sta-Elev/0111Sta-Elev-Lg.jpg,Sta-Elev/Sta-Elev.lsp
Label the station and elevation in a civil engineering profile view.

Bijoy Manoharan submits a LISP routine to label the station and elevation in a civil engineering profile view. Although applications like AutoCAD Civil 3D include this functionality, this routine could be very useful if you are using an application without this capability. To get started, load the LISP file, then run the command DAT to set a datum, or reference point. Pick a known point in the profile — usually the lower-left corner — and specify the station and elevation for this point. Now you can run the command STN to start labeling points. Many civil engineering profiles include vertical exaggeration, so you will need to specify the vertical scale factor first. Next, select the point to label, then the location for the text, and repeat these two steps as desired. Finish by pressing Enter. A new layer and dimstyle will be created for the labels, and background masking is enabled for the text. Bijoy has also included a screenshot that helps explain the steps. Thanks, Bijoy.


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Comment by Burns,Ray
Posted on 2014-06-25 13:47:17
I'd like to modify this routine a bit to fit our profiles, but am inexperienced with lisp. I would like our 100' stations to read 1+00.00 and also have elevations to 2 decimal places only. Please help. Thanks, Ray