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Attach Me to Your Leader
Tip# 3535 By James Bainbridge On 15-Nov-2010
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Categories : Leaders
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Place additional leaders on callouts.

Technologist James E. Bainbridge shares an AutoCAD Express Tool that gets your text and leaders back together again.

"Occasionally, I still have the need to place additional leaders on callouts that were generated with the Leader or QLeader functions. This can be easily done by using the express tool QLAttach function, found under Express>Dimension>Leader Tools>Attach Leader to Annotation. First, place a blank leader, then run the QLAttach function, select the blank leader, and select the mtext you want to attach it to.

"This method is useful because it doesn't move the text, the additional leaders act exactly the same way as the original leader, and by using the grips, you can adjust the leader to either side of the text. QLAttach can also be used to add a leader to plain mtext annotations that didn't originally have a leader."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Leaders need followers! What I mean is that a leader arrow needs a text follower, or else it's just an arrow that points without purpose. Text, or annotation, gives the leader arrow meaning. The Leader and QLeader commands are still in AutoCAD, even though the MultiLeader command is much more versatile. When we use files that didn't apply to the QLeader command, we will often have to reattach annotation to the leader. No problem; just use the Express Tool QLAttach. It is very simple to use: Stat the command, pick your leader, then pick your text. It will not work if your leader or your text is already connected.


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