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Add a Custom Part to Your Parts List
Tip# 4303 By David Gaskill On 12-May-2014
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Add a custom part to your parts list, then balloon it on your drawing.

David Gaskill sent this handy Inventor tip that shows how to add a custom part to your parts list and balloon it on your drawing.

Have you ever had to add a part to a drawing that was not in your model? Here is how to add a part to your parts list and be able to balloon it without having to add a part to your model.

First, right-click your parts list and select Edit Parts List.

While still in the parts list, right-click and select Insert Custom Part.

Add the custom/virtual part to your parts list. In this case it’s a gasket. Fill in the rows.

Select OK to accept the change. Then select Balloon from the Assembly tab.

Click near where you want the balloon of the custom part to be located, then right-click and select Custom/Virtual.

Place the balloon and the Custom/Virtual Parts dialog box will come up. Pick the desired custom part by checking the desired row. In this case there is only one custom part, but you can have many.

You will now have a balloon custom part that is tied to this balloon, and if you change the item number the balloon number will update accordingly. See image below; the item number in the parts list was changed to 6 and the balloon number updated. 

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User comments
Comment by Elfering,Jim
Posted on 2014-05-12 13:49:03
That is one way to create a phantom part but there are a couple of issues doing it that way. One if you change the BOM for some reason the part will not reset in the new BOM. Second, if you are adding this phantom part to several BOMs then you have to create it in each. Another way is to create an actual phantom part without a sketch and add the part information in the custom Iproperties and save the part. Now, you can the part to as many assemblies as you want and it will show in the BOMs. You will not have to constrain the part because it does not have any geometry.
Comment by Parnell,Charles
Posted on 2015-03-24 13:01:12
David: I noticed that you overrode your default text, creating a Static Text (blue), such as (DESCRIPTION) & (MATERIAL). Just a warning to others, if the (DESCRIPTION) & (MATERIAL) is ever changed in the original file then the Parts List will not update in your Inventor .dwg file.