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No Plotting Layers List
Tip# 2134 By Brock Narum On 01-Jul-2006
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 453
Categories : Layer Manager, Layers, Layer Properties, Layer States, Layer Tools
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2134: NoPlotLayers.lsp
Quickly displays the layers that will not plot in the current drawing.

No Plotting Layers List (Tip #2134) by Brock Narum presents a quick display of the layers that will not plot in the current drawing. Load the LISP code and type NOPLOTLAYERS for a list of layers (presented in an alert dialog box) that will not plot. If all layers are currently set for plotting, a message will display in the alert dialog box indicating that status. A very nice demonstration of how to get at the layer data in a drawing using Visual LISP along with a creative way to display the data to the operator. This is July's top tip -- congratulations, Brock!



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