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Layer and Command Menu Combination Tool
Tip# 1998 By Steven Johnson On 01-Dec-2004
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 643
Categories : Layer Tools, Layer Properties, Layers, Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1998: LayCmd.LSP
LayCmd.LSP pairs the Layer command with your choice of AutoCAD dimensioning command.

For those looking to expand on Jack's idea, check out Layer and Command, Menu Combination Tool (Tip #1998) by Steve Johnson. This is a cool menu programming tool. Instead of swapping layers around in the menu, Steve combined the Layer command with your choice of standard AutoCAD commands. He supplies two command functions in the laycmd.lsp file. LAYCMD and the expanded LAYCMDS request a layer name and then a command. The command starts, and once again the CMDACTIVE system variable is demonstrated as the LISP function waits for the command to complete before restoring the active layer.



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