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Determine Layer Contents with the Laywalk Command
Tip# 4334 By Levi Connolly On 07-Jul-2014
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Categories : Layer Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
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Use the Laywalk command to pick through a layer list by group or individually.

Ever found yourself wondering what objects are on a certain layer in any given drawing? I use Laywalk to pick through a layer list by group or individually. You can also use the Select Objects option to pick a selection set of objects and see which layers make up the selection set. I use the Select Object button to zoom to the object that resides on the layer I have selected from the list.                    

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Laywalk is one of the old Express Tools that was rolled into the AutoCAD core several years ago. It is a very powerful tool that is probably underused. It serves as a good way to find objects on the wrong layer or empty layers, or just as a visual way of creating a layer state. By default, the status of your layers will be restored when you exit this command.        


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