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Remove Viewport Overrides
Tip# 3973 By Mathew Kirkland On 14-Sep-2012
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Categories : Layer Tools, Layer Properties, Viewports
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : RVO.LSP
Remove layer property overrides on one or more viewports.

While most people are aware that AutoCAD includes the VPlayer command for controlling layer properties specific to a viewport, many are unaware of the hidden command option named reMoveoverrides, which is incredibly useful. This command option will remove layer property overrides such as color, linetype, etc., on one or more viewports. Mat Kirkland has created a small LISP routine to help automate this process, and it is configured to remove all overrides on all viewports. You could easily edit the code to alter these parameters. After you load the LISP file, just type in the command RVO and it's done; there is nothing to select, and no prompts to answer.


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