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Quickly Reconcile all Layers
Tip# 4472 By Michael Partenheimer On 11-May-2015
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Categories : Layer Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
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Here's a shortcut for reconciling all new layers with AutoCAD's New Layer Notification too.

I find AutoCAD's New Layer Notification tool extremely useful. Many of our projects involve multiple users in separate office locations, and communication regarding xref edits sometimes is not as good as it could be. New Layer Notification alerts me to unexpected new objects when I plot my existing drawings.
Sometimes, I'm in a situation where I want to quickly reconcile all new layers. The usual method is to open the Layer Properties Manager palette, activate the Unreconciled New Layers filter, select the layers, right-click, and reconcile the layers. That's way too much work in situations when you already know you want to reconcile all unreconciled layers without changing any of their layer settings.
Here's a shortcut I employ in those situations. Use the Command line version of the Layer command.
At the Command line type:
<Enter> to exit the command
That's it.
I keep an AutoLISP file on my desktop and simply drop it into my open drawing when desired.
Here's the one line of code in the AutoLISP file:
(command "-LAYER" "E" "*" "")
Just make certain you are 100% sure you don't need to adjust any of the unreconciled layer's settings before reconciling them.
New Layer Notification can be a great feature. It's even better when you find ways to use it and minimize the annoyances.

Notes from Cadalyst tip review R.K. McSwain: Just about anything that you can do on the Command line can be scripted into a menu macro or a small AutoLISP routine. This is a good example of taking a time-consuming task (even if the time is only several seconds) and reducing that down to a click of the mouse or the equivalent. This is especially true for something you do repeatedly.


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Comment by Eaton,Nancy
Posted on 2015-05-16 14:25:57
If you don't have to worry about new layers set the system variable LAYEREVALCTL = 0 so the unreconciled layer message never appears. The 3 system variables associated with unreconciled layers are LAYEREVAL, LAYERNOTIFY and LAYEREVALCTL. LAYEREVAL determines what to search for; LAYERNOTIFY determines when the message appears (plot, save, etc.). Nancy