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Modify Layer States
Tip# 4012 By Michael Norona On 05-Nov-2012
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Categories : Layer Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Add or delete layers, or modify their settings.

Tipster Mike Noroña has shared a tip with us on how to modify an existing layer state in AutoCAD.

"When dealing with layer states, I often need to modify existing ones. This usually occurs when it's active and I want to add layers to the state, delete them from the state, or modify the settings of one or more layers. Since I use long, descriptive names, this saves typing time.

  1. Select the Layer Properties dialog box, activate the state you wish to change, and make your desired changes to the layer settings.
  2. Access the State Manager button. That state is active, so just slow-click the name to get to Text Edit mode.
  3. Type Ctrl+C to copy the name, then Escape twice to exit text editing and the Manager dialog box (don’t Escape a third time; that exits the Properties dialog box).
  4. Access the Save State button, type Ctrl+V to paste, then press Enter twice to select OK and answer Yes to overwriting the existing name.

"This tip, like me, is simple … but it saves finger-dancing."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: AutoCAD layer states are used to manage the visual displays in your file. They save the settings of your layers (on, off, thawed, color, linetype, etc.) so that you can apply them later on. This way you can work in the file by making changes to your layers, knowing that you will be able to restore the settings later on. You can change a group of layers to gray while you work with them or around them, then quickly reset them back. Be careful if you add layers to your file after you have created a layer state; you might get unexpected results.


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Comment by Krap,Atom
Posted on 2012-11-06 10:54:58
What about simply clicking the Save button in the Layer States Manager to update an existing layer state?