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Control Visual Properties of Xrefs
Tip# 3261 By Chris Micallef On 13-Sep-2009
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Categories : Layer Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Use VISRETAIN to control the properties of layers in a file.

Chris Micallef told us about VISRETAIN, a system variable in AutoCAD that controls the properties of layers in a file. Changes to the color, linetype, and other properties of layers belonging to xrefs can be made permanent or temporary.

"If the VISRETAIN system variable is set to 0, changes made to xref layer properties will apply to the current drawing session only, and are lost when you reload the xref, detach the xref, or end the drawing session. If the variable is set to 1, the changes will remain permanently. The AutoCAD default setting is 1."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: When a file is referenced into AutoCAD, the layer properties are brought in with it. You can change the layer properties of the xref file in the drawing file while leaving the xref file alone. If the system variable VISRETAIN (which stands for Retain Visual Settings) is set to 1, then your overrides will stay (or be retained). If VISRETAIN is set to 0 (zero for "off"), then when you exit that file, the properties of the referenced file will be reapplied.

Tested in AutoCAD 2010


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