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Place Digital Stamps on Revit Sheets
Tip# 4214 By Andria Lynch On 18-Nov-2013
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Categories : Image
Software type : Autodesk Revit 2012
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Display digital images on your Autodesk Revit sheets at the correct scale.

Andria Lynch shares the steps required to properly display digital images on your Autodesk Revit sheets.

"Here are the steps for inserting a stamp on the title block and cover in Revit.

  1. Inserting an image: Insert tab > Import panel > Image button
  2. From that dialog box, select the image you wish to import. It will come in at the wrong size, but go ahead and place it anyway.
  3. Open your JPG file in your Microsoft Office image viewer to view the image properties, noting the DPI of the original image. (You can use any photo viewer for this step, but I like this one because it is easy to figure out the DPI of the image.)
  4. Now, open the type properties of your image and note the DPI of the image now that it is in Revit (it is probably going to be 72).
  5. Divide the Revit image DPI by the original image DPI to get a scale factor for your image. (For example, if your original image was 300 DPI and the Revit DPI was 72, your scale factor would be .24).
  6. Scale the image using the scale tool found on the Modify tab. Use the numerical value and enter the scale factor you calculated in the step above.

"I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it really is quick and simple to get your digital stamps on your Revit sheets."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: I agree with the tipster that this does seem like a lot of steps, but in practice it really isn't — especially once you have done it a few times. The process is similar to inserting something that is using different units, such as inches to feet. There is a scale factor of 12 involved with this example. In the tipster's case, the DPI values define the scale. The image file you are bringing in has a size defined by pixels. Revit is scaling that file when it is inserted; you have to scale it back to get it to display correctly. If all of your stamp images have the same DPI or pixel size, then the scale ratio should be the same every time.


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