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Working with Multiple Sketches and Dimensions in Inventor
Tip# 4227 By David Gaskill On 16-Dec-2013
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Categories : General Dimension
Software type : Inventor
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This tip will help you clear up your dimensions so you can get to work on your geometry.

Tipster David Edward Gaskill shares a tip for displaying Inventor sketches more clearly.

"Turn off all dimensions on the sketches. This makes the model much easier to see because the dimension text bleeds out all geometry.

"Turn off the visibility of all work features until you need them.



"Locate the sketch you need in the browser, or pick a piece of geometry, right-click, and choose Find in your browser. When you right-click and select Edit Sketch, the dimension visibility is turned back on, so you can do your editing."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Many times we work in a state of information overload; this is one of those times. The tip presented will help you clear up your dimensions so you can actually work on your geometry.


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