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Move Around Drawings by Finding Text Strings
Tip# 3869 By Samuel Lucido On 23-Apr-2012
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Categories : Find Text
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Use the Find command to locate text.

Civil designer Sam J. Lucido discusses using AutoCAD's Find command to help fix errors in your drawing annotations.

"The Find command can replace incorrectly spelled words or text strings in a drawing. For example, you could have spelled the word Cadalyst incorrectly in ten places, and replace it with the correct version with one command. But what about trying to find something other than text?

"Have you ever tried to locate an object on a drawing by zooming and panning around until you found it? What about trying to find a building number or attributed block name? Frequently, drawing revisions can be located by a number or a text string.

"Simply type Find, enter the text string, and select Find. AutoCAD will zoom to the selected area where the text is located. Press Done, and you will remain in the zoomed area. This is a great way to move about your drawing without having to zoom and pan."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
The Find command is a very useful tool. It will locate text in your entire drawing, within your current space/layout, or from within only a selected set of objects. There are several settings, shown below, that can help you filter out what you don't want.



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