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Match Text by Selection
Tip# 4188 By Matt Sibum On 22-Sep-2013
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Categories : Find Text
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
Rename File To : matchtextall.lsp
A selection-based find-and-replace routine for text and mtext.

Frequent contributor Matt Sibum is back with a selection-based find-and-replace routine for text and mtext in AutoCAD. His routine prompts you to select a single text or mtext object, whose text string is saved. Then you are asked to select any number of other text/mtext objects. All entities whose text value matches what you select are replaced with the string from the initial selection. For example, select a text entity containing "Birdhouse," then select one containing "Birdbath"; all instances of "Birdbath" will be replaced by "Birdhouse." Be careful because "My Birdbath" will be replaced with "Birdhouse," not "My Birdhouse."

To use this routine, load the LISP file and type in the command MTA. Depending on your needs, you might want to add undo wrapper, because undoing the effects of a single MTA command can involve several "U" commands.


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User comments
Comment by Damman,John
Posted on 2014-02-04 15:13:52
The normal find & replace is easier to use and WILL limit the texr change to "house" if defined well enough.