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Tip# 2063 By Nathan Withers On 01-Oct-2005
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Categories : File Setup, File Options
Software type : AutoCAD
Control the drawing settings conversion for drawings with settings you may not prefer to use.

If you work with drawings from a variety of sources, then Personalize (Tip #2063) is just what you need. Nathan Withers sent Harry a function that serves as a fine example of the Autorun feature of LISP in AutoCAD for starting a program every time AutoCAD starts a drawing. This function is used to control the drawing settings conversion for drawings with settings you may not prefer to use. There are two LSP files in this set. The first is named ACADDOC.LSP, which is a simple series of expressions that will load and evaluated every time you start a drawing. You must place this file in the AutoCAD support search path. Note that if you already have an ACADDOC.LSP file present, you should append the contents of the new one to the existing one and not just replace it blindly. The second function is activated by loading the Personalize LSP file and then typing PERSONAL at the Command line. You must place an associated DCL file in the AutoCAD support search path for the function to run properly. You then can assign your personal settings to be saved in the AutoCAD registry. See figure 1 for an example of the dialog box running. This tip is a very useful set of functions, and Harry thanks Nathan for sharing them with us.



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