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Leonid's List of Things to Remember
Tip# 3760 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 23-Oct-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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These settings are easy to change and can help you in your work.

Frequent tipster Leonid Nemirovsky shares with us a list that compiles several memorable tips and settings to use in AutoCAD.

"Here are a couple of important little things to remember:

  1. In case of emergency, use the command Recover All to recover a drawing with several external references.
  2. If the PublishCollate variable is set to 1, it creates a single (combined) PDF file when you plot more than one drawing from SheetSet or Publish. It will plot separate PDFs if set to 0.
  3. Set the variables SSLocate and SSMAutoOpen to 1 if you want the sheet set associated with the drawing to open as soon as the drawing is loaded; set both variables to 0 if you don't.
  4. The AnnoAllVisible variable hides or displays annotative objects that do not support the current annotation scale.
  5. AttipEdit turns the single-attribute editor and allows you to edit individual attributes in the block; just click on the desired one (or use the Ctrl key and double-click on the desired attribute).
  6. The ClassicLayer command initiates an old-style layer dialog box, for those who have nostalgia for the 'good old days.'
  7. If set to 2, the TSpaceType variable keeps space between mtext lines always exactly the same, and if it is set to 1, set to at least varies if symbols such as ( ) are used.
  8. Set PickAdd and PickFirst to 1 (try it — you will thank me later)."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: There are many different settings here that many of you may be using already, without knowing it. Or perhaps you have always wanted to control what they do. Don't be afraid of settings; turn them on and off one at a time and see what happens. Most settings are very straightforward and can help you in your work.


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