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Include Reference Files in Backups
Tip# 3546 By Andrea Andreetti On 20-Dec-2010
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Categories : Misc. User Tools, File Data
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : SetArchiveBit.lsp
Set the archive bit "on."

Andrea Andreetti, president of DuctiSoft, has created this routine to assist CAD managers and network administrators. Normally, when users save a drawing, reference files are not touched, which typically means they don't get included in a daily backup. The SetArchiveBit routine activates when the parent drawing is saved. It iterates all reference files such as xrefs and images, setting the archive bit "on," so that these files will be backed up in the next daily backup. This can be useful if a restore operation is needed, since all of the necessary files can be restored from the same backup. There is nothing to run with this routine; simply load it and it will run when the main drawing is saved. End users won't even be aware of it, and it could save you some time. For more information, see this Wikipedia article about the archive bit.


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