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Put Diagrams into Word
Tip# 3058 By Steve Knopf On 14-Dec-2008
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Here's a way to get AutoCAD files into a word processor file.

Steve Knopf sent us this way to get AutoCAD files into a word processor file.  When you need to supply a diagram for a Word document, .WMF is usually the best format. Windows Meta File is a vector format, so scaling does not pixilate the image.  One caution: The aspect ratio will change if you drag the inserted .WMF file by a midpoint grip.

The output will have the appearance of the screen, so you can set the background color in Options and in the Page Setup Manager; click Display Plot Styles to get the look you want.  This is an Export utility, not a Plot, so you will need to turn off or freeze Defpoints and other layers set to not plot.  Use the Export command in the File menu (I still type "wmfout" left over from Release 13) and choose the .WMF extension in the dialog box.  You will be prompted to select objects. Note that all entities must be in the same space.

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:  This is a great tip.  Steve is correct in saying that WMF files are scalable and great for inserting CAD drawings, or portions of them, into a document.  This method can handle only 2D or wireframe images, though.  If AutoCAD is in a conceptual or realistic visual style, the export of to the WMF file will only pull out the wireframe objects.  In most cases that is fine, so this may never be an issue.  Another quick way to get linework into a document file is to use the COPY/PASTE commands.  This is not the COPY command in AutoCAD, but is the COPY command from Windows.  Select the objects in AutoCAD that need to be in the report, press CTRL+C.  Go to the document file, pick where the diagram needs to go, press CTRL+V.  There will be a prompt asking where and what to name the file.  Save it or it won’t show up in the Document.  This will insert an image of the CAD file in the document file.  This method is similar to the WMF.  Use the one that suits your needs best.  Great tip Steve.


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Comment by Anonymous
Posted on 2008-12-17 16:00:51
There are times, like for training and archiving little used procedures that I need to put a diagram and a dialog box into a word document. I just arrange the dialog box as needed and then use the Print Scrn key while holding down the Ctrl key. This puts it in the Windows Clipboard and then I paste it into the document and use the Word Picture tools to crop it and as long as you use the grips on the corners to re-size it the scale will remain uniform.