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Export a Parts List to Excel
Tip# 4393 By David Gaskill On 17-Nov-2014
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Software type : Inventor
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This handy tip shows how you can export a parts list from Inventor to Excel.

Here is a tip for a simple way to export a parts list to Excel. Right-click on the parts list and select Edit Parts List or double-click on the parts list. In the dialog box, select Export.

Select Microsoft Excel from the Save as type drop-down menu and name your file. You may want to change the directory with the Save In pull-down. Select the Save button and navigate to your file with Excel.

You may notice in the spreadsheet that only the columns and rows that were active came over in the export. You may need to resize some of the columns, but all the data that was on the parts list is now in the spreadsheet.

It should be noted that these files are not linked, and if you change one, the other won’t update.

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