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Orient Text for Improved Readability
Tip# 3204 By Patrick Albert On 17-May-2009
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Categories : Edit Text
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Use TORIENT command to rotate all text 90°.

Patrick Albert explains his methods for making sure all text in a drawing is orientated properly.

"In our company, we receive different files from different firms, which we collate to from our base plan. Whenever we open these files, their text orientations differ from one another.

"What we do is: First, we isolate (LAYISO) the layer that we put our text in, use SSX or Quick Select to select all text, then we use the AutoCAD Express Tools command TORIENT to rotate all the text to 90°.

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL: The Express Tool TORIENT (Text Rotate) will rotate text and nothing else, regardless of what you select. You could also select several objects in your file and use the Quick Select to weed out the nontext items, then open the properties panel and change the rotation of the text. It might be easier to use the TORIENT tool. The TORIENT command will also flip text that is upside down or backward. It’s a great tool to get your text readable.


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