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Change Text Orientation
Tip# 3554 By Bob McCue On 03-Jan-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Align text with objects.

Tipster Bob McCue describes a way to align your text objects with a line or other object in AutoCAD.

"Orienting text to a line or an object is simple with the TOrient command. Simply type TOrient on the Command line, select the text, and pick two points in line with the desired orientation. The text will orient to that line about its insertion point; the insertion point will not change.

"If you have a large number of similar text objects to set to the same orientation, type SSX on the Command line, pick one of the desired objects, and press the Enter key. Then type TOrient - P (for previous selection set), select your orientation, and press Enter to complete the command. (Caution: If you have multiple lines of dtext [a paragraph], you will get an undesirable result.)

"This can be simplified even more by using a command alias. Go to Express Menu > Tools > Command Alias Editor. Select Add, use an easy alias to associate with the command (I use TO [for text orient]), and under the command type TOrient. Restart AutoCAD, and you will have an awesome text orientation tool in two keystrokes."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
There are several helpful tips contained within this tip! The TOrient command is an Express Tool; it only works if you have Express Tools installed. It is great when you need to align text with an object. For example, if you have a road in your drawing and you want to display its name, go ahead and use TOrient to line the text up exactly with the road's centerline. Start the command by typing TOrient on the Command line, or go to the Express Tools Tab in the ribbon > Text Panel > Rotate Text button (in AutoCAD 2011 it is in the Modify Text Flyout button instead). Pick your objects, pick a reference point for the angle, then either choose a second point or type in the angle of rotation.

Bob also uses the SSX command — that's a selection filter. Use it to select objects according to a trait. Type SSX on the Command line, pick an object, then select the property you want to match. This creates a selection set. After you are finished making your selection, start a new command, then type P (this reselects your previous selection) and finish your command.

A command alias is a keyboard shortcut that starts a command with just a few keystrokes. These are saved in AutoCAD's PGP file. There are several different ways to edit this file, and some of them depend on which version of AutoCAD you are using. If you have Express Tools you can use Bob's method here.


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Comment by millett,skipp
Posted on 2011-01-04 16:49:16
TORIENT is in my top ten list of commands. Changing it to TO is a great idea.