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Update Multiple Table Cells
Tip# 3448 By David Drane On 21-Jun-2010
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Categories : Edit Tables
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Change the font size and style across all the cells simultaneously.

CAD operator David Drane shares with us a method he uses to update multiple cells in an AutoCAD table.

"I have a fairly simple tip that many people haven't worked out yet. When inserting a table, you may wish to change the font size and style across all the cells simultaneously. To do this, simply select the cell with one click, then click and drag a selection across all the cells in the table, right-click, and select Properties. Then, when you change the text style, it will alter the entire table."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: With this method you can select every sell or a group of cells. If you select the table, you can then click the top left corner (it's not a cell) to select everything in the table. You can change border settings, cell background shading, etc. The cells' formatting need to be unlocked before you can change them. Remember to lock them once you are done to avoid accidental modifications.


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