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Set Table Breaks
Tip# 4046 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 14-Jan-2013
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Categories : Edit Tables
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Manipulate tables with grips.

Tip guru Leonid Nemirovsky shares a way to set a table break in AutoCAD.

"Highlight your table and in the Change Properties dialog box, set the Table Breaks section as shown below.

Then if you move the bottom middle grip on the table and make it into two columns, the heading will look as shown in the picture.

If you have an additional heading at the bottom of the table, then in the same Table Breaks section, set the 'Repeat bottom' option to Yes."

Notes from Brian Benton, Cadalyst tip reviewer: AutoCAD tables, like most AutoCAD objects, can be edited by grips. The table grips, like text grips, can move the tables into colums, but you have to tell it to "break" first. once this is done you can adjust the height of each break column with a simple grip edit.


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