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Macro: Edit Hatch Boundaries
Tip# 3574 By Cindy Dangles On 06-Feb-2011
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Categories : Edit Hatch
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Edit hatch boundaries or plines with this custom command.

Tipster Cindy Dangles sent us a custom command that she uses to edit hatch boundaries in AutoCAD.

"I add this handy macro to a tool button on a ribbon (or anywhere) to edit hatch boundaries or any plines. It's also handy to throw out extra grips before closing a pline; then you can just move the grips into place. I use this concept in Photoshop too."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
Hatches are great, and so are polylines. This macro starts the PolyEdit command. This command allows you to edit polygons in many different ways. This macro, however, is used to add a new vertex; once it is added, it's over. That makes it easy and quick to add one new vertex. It's a bit difficult to control exactly where the new vertex is going to be, but it works.

Adding a vertex to a polyline was made much easier in AutoCAD 2011; all you have to do is select the polyline and use the new grip edits. They allow you to stretch the polygon, change it from line mode to arc mode, or add a new vertex.


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