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ShortArchDims (S.A.D.)
Tip# 3088 By Shawn Evjen On 11-Jan-2009
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Categories : Edit Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2009
Rename File To : SAD.LSP
This routine converts dimensions from feet/inches to just inches.

Shawn Evjen was inspired by another tip from Hot Tip Harry to write a routine that converts dimensions from feet/inches to just inches.
ShortArchDims (SAD) is a routine I wrote last night to ‘skinny up’ architectural dimensions from the 2’-0” format to 24”. Type in ShortArchDims or SAD, set your tolerance, and select dimensions. Anything smaller than the tolerance will be modified, anything larger will be ignored.  Manually modified dimension strings will also be ignored.

I've commented in the code where you can change the default tolerance. I work with dimensions at 1/8" scale, so 36" is a good number for me, but 24" works well at 1/4" scale. Enjoy the routine, even though it is called ‘SAD.’

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:  Shawn has come up with a very nice routine.  Wish I had it about 15 years ago!  It is simple to use.  Load the routine, type in SAD on the command line, enter the tolerance (in inches) and select the dimensions that you need to change.  This routine was tested in AutoCAD 2009.


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