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List and Rename Pasted Blocks
Tip# 3717 By Raymond Espinoza On 26-Aug-2011
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Categories : Edit Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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List and Rename Pasted Blocks

Facilities Designer Raymond Espinoza was inspired to expand on a previous Cadalyst CAD Tip (Paste As a Named Block, Tip No. 3677) that illustrates how to paste objects as a block in AutoCAD. He explains how to manage the naming of the blocks that are created this way.

"I often use the Ctrl+Shift+V keyboard shortcut, but if it's a block I want to use on a regular basis, the default block name assigned by the Paste command is not suitable for my needs. In that case, I use the Rename command. Use the List command to find the current block name, then use Rename to assign the block a more suitable name. Under the Block category, select the block you want to rename. Then enter the new block name in the Rename To field. You will find you can use the Rename command to assign new names to other entities besides blocks."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Naming blocks in a useful manner is a good idea. It's very easy to create a block by using Ctrl+C (Windows Copy) and Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows Paste) to paste the selected objects as a block. Unfortunately, AutoCAD gives the block an arbitrary name made out of alphanumeric characters; they won't make any sense. The Rename command will easily handle this for you once you figure out which block it is.


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Comment by Kellogg,c. Frank
Posted on 2011-08-29 13:12:49
I use the copy / paste function all the time. I almost always use the copy with basepoint function of this, and select a relevant point in the copied objects. Without a basepoint, autocad selects the lower-left-most point for the basepoint. I have my acad.pgp file set up with "cb" for "copybase", and then I use "vb" for "pasteblock". (I use "vv" for regular pasteclip.) With those key combinations, I don't have to hold 2-3 keys at the same time; I just enter the two keys in sequence, just like any other command.
Comment by Mansell,Tom
Posted on 2011-08-29 15:56:46
I'm old school. Having worked at companies where I've seen block libraries get out of control and being the CAD manager in my present office I prefer blocks always be inserted with logical names. Renaming after the fact is a legitimate solution if you're in a rush. For one-time or temporary inserts the "as$r567o345" names don't concern me but if your company has a long term goal of building a good, sizable block library extracted from technician's daily drawings; then rules how to do this must be set out before reaching for that "paste" button.
Comment by Cooper,Kent
Posted on 2011-10-19 10:24:15
For a routine to assign a logical name in place of the oddball name of a pasted block, WITHOUT needing to List it or look at its Properties to find and remember its current oddball name, see Tip #3751, "Rename a Pasted Block."