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Editing Blocks
Tip# 2078 By Chris Latham On 01-Dec-2005
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Categories : Edit Blocks, Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2078: eb.lsp
Editing routine to overcome frustrating block problems.

From the United Kingdom came Chris Latham's Editing Blocks (Tip #2078). Load the LISP code and type EB to start the process. EB asks for you to select a block insert and a point where you want to place the exploded copy of the block. The exploded block is inserted at that location, and you can make changes to the original graphics using the standard AutoCAD package. When the edits are complete, type EB again and then select the new block contents. The code will reconstruct the block and regenerate at all prior insert points. Lots of fun to play with and handy if you have annoying blocks such as the type that inspired Chris to write the tool. Thanks for sharing!



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