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Redefining Dynamic Blocks
Tip# 3515 By Murray Clack On 17-Oct-2010
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Categories : Dynamic Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Retain properties when redefining blocks.

CAD Technician Murray Clack advises us on working with unit settings of dynamic blocks in AutoCAD.

"In the past, you could use the Block command to change the insertion units and redefine a block. However, if this method is used on blocks that contain dynamic properties, those properties will disappear after the block is redefined.
"To change the insertion units (or other settings) without losing the dynamic properties, do the following:

  1. Enter the command BEdit and select the desired block.
  2. In the Block Editor, open the Properties palette.
  3. Without having anything selected, scroll down to the Block category in the Properties Manager, and change the units accordingly.
  4. Save and exit the Block Editor.

You will now notice that the insertion units of the block have changed, but the dynamic properties are intact!"
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Dynamic blocks are a great time-saver, but they are a bit more complicated to develop and maintain than regular blocks: they have different states, and they can change. If you use the Block command to make changes to the block's settings (such as units), then AutoCAD will essentially purge the dynamic features of the block and leave it in its current state. Be careful. If you mess it up, just use the Undo command until it's fixed.


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