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Dynamic Block: Matrix Grid
Tip# 3731 By Gary Evenson On 19-Sep-2011
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Categories : Dynamic Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : MatrixGrid.dwg
Produce linework for a grid that is printable, snapable, and usable.

Gary Evenson shares a block that he uses often to generate a scalable grid for his AutoCAD drawings.

"The attached file contains a dynamic block called Matrix Dynamic Grid. It also includes two other blocks, Easting and Northing, which have fields for an easting value and a northing value. The Matrix block creates a grid in AutoCAD that can be resized, and it has labels that are automatically updated if the grid is moved or resized.

"To use this, insert the block into a drawing, and make sure to check Explode. The insertion point is at the top left of the desired grid location. The initial block definition is created for 1:1,000 scale (20 m grid); metric drawing with ltscale = 0.25. The grid can then be stretched to the right and down to create the desired grid size.

"The Easting and Northing blocks can then be copied or arrayed to complete labels (a regen will update these values). These blocks have trailing zeros suppressed; the grid is in the right location if the values are not showing decimal points.

"To use this block for other scales:

  • Create a new layer for the desired scale (e.g., 1:2,000 scale, layer = Grid1-2000)
  • Copy all grid objects to that layer
  • Scale all grid objects by scale factor (e.g., 1:2,000, 2,000/1,000 = 2)

This will create a grid to display at 1:2,000 (40 m grid); this will display the same in paper space as the 1:1,000 grid (with a 40 m grid instead of 20 m). Individual layers can be controlled by toggling GridAnno, GridFrame, GridLine, and GridTick. Complete grid displays can be controlled by freezing the master 'Grid1-1000' layer or the master 'Grid1-2000' layer."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
This tipster has created a dynamic block that will produce lines for a grid. Using the grips in the block, you can quickly change its height and/or width. This is a good use of dynamic blocks. This block can be inserted into a drawing and used over and over again, but it can be different each time. AutoCAD does have a grid feature, but this tip provides actual linework that is printable, snapable, and usable.



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