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Switch Tabs While Ref-Editing in Place
Tip# 4210 By James Olszewski On 04-Nov-2013
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Categories : DWG
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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You can edit a source file without leaving your drawing file.

Tipster James J. Olszewski reminds AutoCAD users that when editing a reference in place, you can switch paper space tabs while editing.

"Many may be unaware that when working in a drawing that has multiple layouts (tabs) and wanting to do 'in-place' xref edits, you do not need to save, exit the xref, and go to the next layout (or "sheet" in your drawing). Simply stay in the xref edit mode and select the next layout, to continue editing the same xref. When finished with it, save the edits and exit the xref. It's that simple!"

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: AutoCAD can reference other files, displaying the file's linework in your drawing file. Sometimes we need to edit the source file. You can edit it without leaving your drawing file; just right-click on the reference file and select the Edit In Place option.

If you have paper space tabs for different drawings in your file and need to see how the changes look in each sheet, it's not a problem. Just click on the desired paper space tab and you will be taken to that tab and still be able to edit the reference file in place.


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