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Quick Xref Control
Tip# 3813 By Matt Sibum On 18-Feb-2012
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Categories : DWG
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : XREFCONTROL.lsp
Five shortcuts to reload, unload, and more.

Frequent contributor Matt Sibum is back with a nice set of xref display–related commands. There are five shortcuts for unloading, reloading, and isolating xrefs in AutoCAD. Start by loading the LISP file; the five shortcut routines work as described below.

  • RX reloads all xrefs.
  • UX unloads all xrefs.
  • XI allows you to isolate selected xrefs.
  • XU unloads selected xrefs
  • XD will detach selected xrefs. Because detaching xrefs is potentially destructive, the XD routine includes a warning.

Load this routine at startup, and these key shortcuts should make working with xrefs easier for you.



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