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Exit Macro
Tip# 3051 By Larry Kibel On 08-Dec-2008
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Categories : Drawing Properties, CUI (Customize User Interface)
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Here is a way to close a drawing, making sure certain settings are the way you need them to be.

Larry Kibel needed a way to close a drawing making sure certain settings are the way he needed them to be.  He sent us this exit macro:

^C^CCPSLTSCALE 1 PDMODE 0 LAYEREVAL 0 zoom e IMAGEFRAME 0 -layer s 0  _qsave close

Depending on your setup and needs, this will set your 'psltscale', 'pdmode', 'Layereval' and zoom extents and change to layer '0'.
There are many options and advantages to having a custom exit button.... you can add an audit or be creative.
We had a situation where we had change 86 sheets within minutes and uploaded to the clients ftp site..
I added this command to my exit macro and all I had to do was open and hit the exit button..... the project went out in time and at a minimal loss of hair.
NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  Customizing buttons is a great way to get a file’s settings the way they need to be.  This MACRO sets the Paper Space LT Scale (PSLTSCALE), Point type (PDMODE), turns off the Layer Evaluation-Reconcile Layers (LAYEREVAL), Zooms to the drawings Extents, (zoom e), turns off the frames around Images (IMAGEFRAME 0), sets the current layer to 0 (-layer 0), then saves (_QSAVE) and exits the drawing (CLOSE).  Most any system variable can be adjusted this way.  It’s a nice way to make sure you know how your file will react.

Users can also perform settings changes like this through a script file, but that’s a tip for another day.


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