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Dude, Where's My Drawing?
Tip# 3921 By Samuel Lucido On 25-Jun-2012
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Categories : Drawing Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Locate your current file.

Tipster Sam Lucido shares an AutoCAD tip to help you determine where your current file is located.

"Have you ever been in a drawing and wanted to know what the drawing location is? There are several ways to determine this in AutoCAD. First, you can type DWGPrefix at the Command prompt and get the path in the Command area.

"The path will be placed below, in the Command window. You could easily paste it into Windows Explorer to get to the correct folder on your network.

"Second, in the Options dialog box, under Open and Save, make sure you check 'Display full path in title.'

"The drawing path will be displayed in the Window bar above the AutoCAD display."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: Knowing where you are and what you are working on is important. Another trick is to Save As; that will open up the Save window in the folder your current file is in. If you need to know who has a specific file open (other than yourself), use the WhoHas command: Type WhoHas on the Command line, then browse to the appropriate file.


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Comment by Korem,Danny
Posted on 2012-06-27 08:05:16
You can also insert a Mtext and/or attributed Block qouting -by the use of Fields- the File name with a full path option. This might all reside within a Proper Template File or can be an Imported Page Set up (Layout) brought from another file. Cheers