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Set Your Own Units in the Distance Command
Tip# 3914 By Bill DeShawn On 17-Jun-2012
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Categories : Distance
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : di.lsp,__MACOSX/,__MACOSX/._di.lsp
This routine changes the Units settings for you.

Bill DeShawn presents a tweak to AutoCAD's built-in Distance command. Bill works in architectural units, but he likes to spot-check distances, and he wants to see the result in decimal units. This LISP routine changes your Units settings for you. Load the LISP file and type in the command DI. The code sets certain object snaps for you (End, Int, Quad), and restores them when finished. The distance will be reported in decimal format, to six decimal places. You can easily change any of these settings in the code if your requirements are different.


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