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Wipeout Frames
Tip# 3773 By Angelina Roskam On 14-Nov-2011
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Categories : Display Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Adjust the Frames setting to hide areas or recover wiped areas.

Angelina Roskam, a CADD technician, shares a tip that can help you manage AutoCAD’s wipeout objects.

"There are many times that I get a drawing from another user and find a piece missing or blocked out (this happens more commonly with an xref or PDF reference). When you use Wipeout on the Command line, the default is for a polyline, to select an area to 'hide' or wipe out from a drawing. However, if you select Frames when executing the command, the Off setting will turn the frame(s) off, and On will show the frame(s) and allow you to recover the area that has been wiped. This is useful for hiding an area you do not want to remove from a drawing or can’t remove from a PDF, and also handy when you are using another’s drawing and can’t see the frames for a wipeout area."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: I used to hate wipeouts — that is, until I learned about the frames settings. I would come across "dead zones" of a drawing where nothing printed; they were wipeouts. When wipeout frames are turned off, you can’t manage, edit, or select a wipeout. Once their frames are turned on, you can see them and edit them. Keep in mind that wipeout frames are either all on or all off; you can’t turn some on while leaving others off. A good practice is to put all wipeouts on a non-printing layer and to leave the frames on. That way you can still manage them, but the frame won’t print.


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User comments
Comment by Shank, Brent
Posted on 2011-11-14 15:39:34
Better to make a wipeout layer with color 255 and put your wipeouts on that layer. Color 255 will not print. If you put the wipeouts on a non-printing layer then Autocad will not recognize the wipeout and things will print normally as if the wipeout wasnt there at all.
Comment by Benton,Brian
Posted on 2011-11-15 08:58:28
Brent you are absolutely correct!! My notes in the Tip Patrol were incorrect. If you set a layer to no plot and use it for the wipeout AutoCAD ignores the wipeout. You have to either turn the frames off or set the wipeout layer to a color that has been screened back.
Comment by Wallner,Mark
Posted on 2011-12-05 13:53:51
Brent! You bad actor! I had stopped using wipeouts completely because we convert files to PDF for distribution and archiving, and my wipeouts always came out as solid b-hatches in PDF. Using Layer 255 solves this problem too. Thank you for adding your input.
Comment by Wallner,Mark
Posted on 2011-12-05 13:56:18
...oh, and by the way my thanks too, to Angelina for sharing her hard work with us.