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Create a Substitute Level of Detail in Autodesk Inventor
Tip# 4438 By David Gaskill On 15-Mar-2015
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Categories : Display Properties
Software type : Inventor
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This tip offers major benefits on an assembly with many parts

This tip will show you how to create a substitute level of detail.

  • Open an assembly and right-click on Level of Detail under Representations

  • Select New Substitute and Derive Assembly

  • Select a new file name, location and template; then click OK.

  • In the Derive Assembly dialog box, pick the parts you want to include in the substitute. (In this case I’m including everything). Click OK.

  • Notice how a new level of detail was created and the assembly is reduced to a single part.  While it's not a big deal with a small assembly, it offers major benefits on an assembly with many parts.

  • To switch between levels of detail, right-click and select Activate (or double click on the LOD). You may be prompted to save before switching level of details.


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