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Change Part Line Type or Color in a Drawing
Tip# 4498 By David Gaskill On 06-Jul-2015
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Categories : Object Properties, Display Properties
Software type : Inventor
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Have you ever wanted to change the properties like the line type or color on a part or assembly in Autodesk Inventor? Here's how.

While in an Inventor drawing have you ever wanted to change the properties on a part or assembly? Maybe you want to change the line type or color? This tip will show you how to change these properties in an Inventor drawing.

  • Open a drawing and find a part or assembly in the drawing browser or drawing field. Use the Select command (shift right-click or toolbar), and then right-click while the part or assembly is highlighted.

  • Right-click and select Properties.

  • Change the desired property in the Component Property dialog box.

  • In this case I changed the color and line type. Hint: if changing the layer, you will need to make sure By Layer is not checked.




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User comments
Comment by White,David
Posted on 2015-07-06 14:17:43
Excellent tip, very good for the type assembly shown. I do these often with equipment being modified and this makes clear what is existing and what the modification will be. Thanks
Comment by Eggen,Huib
Posted on 2015-07-07 02:52:42
If you use the reference part function in Inventor (http://www.cadalyst.com/cad/inventor/add-reference-components-your-assemblies-10231 this post is from 2004, indicating that the part is a reference part has moved from a checkbox to selecting a BOM structure) the part shows up as a reference in all views and you can set the line type (default is hidden) in the styles and standards.
Comment by Patel,Deep
Posted on 2015-07-07 03:32:38
Really Cool Stuff, Thanks.